As investments in U.S. energy supplies continue to grow, new public policies, regulations, and administrative guidelines are shaping the energy landscape across the nation.

The Burns White Energy Group can help new and established businesses map a course for regulatory compliance, implement strategies to minimize the potential for litigation, and protect against current and potential liabilities through the efficient resolution of civil disputes. With extensive experience counseling domestic energy, mineral, exploration, and extraction companies, as well as petrochemical facilities, the attorneys of the Energy Group draw from their diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge to offer a full spectrum of services spanning real estate services, property transactions, regulatory compliance, and litigation.

Our first-hand knowledge of the opportunities, risks and liabilities facing businesses within the energy industry further ensures our ability to guide you in meeting your legal and business objectives. Whether it is drafting title opinions, handling litigation related to environmental exposures or advising on applicable industry regulations, we will go to great depths to protect your legal rights and business interests.

Our services include: